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Reconnect with Loved Ones After a Stroke or Brain Injury

Aphasia is a neurological disorder that affects someone’s ability to use language. Brain injuries or changes can block access to the language centres of the brain. This can result in someone knowing exactly what they want to say but be unable to get the words out. It can also result in the opposite where someone says lots of words, but the message is not coming out as intended.

Aphasia can build barriers between your loved one and the way they would naturally communicate. The goal of our speech therapy program is to help you be able to reconnect with your loved one.

How Speech Therapy Can Help

Speech therapy can be an effective tool in recovering your loved one’s communication skills. By exercising the brain and practicing alternative ways to communicate, aphasia speech therapy can help them recover confidence in reaching out to other people.

Some of the benefits of speech and language therapy for aphasia include:


seeing improvements in speech and language capabilities


restoring natural and day-to-day speech habits and conversation


being flexible and adept with alternative tools or methods of communicating

A combination of effective speech therapy and persistent practice works best to help loved ones with aphasia. With online speech therapy, you can practice with them in the comfort of your home.

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How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

Our speech therapists will aid you in supporting your loved one’s speech and language recovery so they can be part of everyday situations in their life. You are a crucial part of a more holistic approach to speech therapy.

apheleia aphasia speech therapy

Aphasia Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists will help you give back the gift of communication to your loved one. Our aim is for them to better participate in conversations with family and friends in the long run.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Our aphasia speech therapy may also introduce alternative means of communication, for a more complete approach to communication instead of relying on their speech progress.

Lauren Templeton - Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist at Apheleia Speech Therapy

Lauren Templeton

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist

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