Helping Kids Speak

Notice Any of These Issues?

Is your child….

Not Speaking at All? Should they be talking already?
Not Speaking Enough? Too few words for their age or only babbling?
Having Trouble with Certain Sounds? Trouble with their R’s, K’s or any other sounds?
Hard to Understand? Do friends and family have trouble understanding what your child is trying to say?
Using Few Words Together? Are they only capable of stringing together 1 or 2 word sentences to communicate?
Not Understanding You or Following Directions? Are they not properly responding to your questions or unable to follow simple directions?

We Can Help You, Help Them.

Do you feel frustrated or helpless seeing your child with a speech or language issue? Delayed speech and language skills can make success in the classroom and in social situations more difficult. Proper speech practice at home is important for your child’s progress and development with their speech and language goals. In some cases improper practice can actually be harmful by further reinforcing bad speech ‘habits’.

Do you wish you could help them through it? Imagine the difference you could make with your child at home with a little help from an Apheleia Speech Therapist. Not only do we do Speech Therapy with you and your child but we teach YOU the techniques and methods to perform proper speech practice at home. We then continuously monitor and provide feedback to give you the confidence to help your child succeed with their speech and language goals.

Benefits of Apheleia Online Speech Therapy


One of the keys to a child’s success is parent involvement and utilization of the tips and techniques at home — not just at Speech Therapy sessions. We’ve developed systems of great communication along with parent coaching and involvement to ensure your child is getting daily quality speech practice in at home.

More Affordable

We’ve removed or reduced the expensive things about Speech Therapy Services and passed those savings onto YOU. At only $125 per week, your Speech Therapist “sees” you three times each week. Compare that to around $100 for just a single session with a traditional speech therapist.


Do it from home or wherever you have a smartphone, tablet or computer and an internet connection. Flexible times including evenings and weekends. No driving to appointments. No pulling your child out of school for therapy. No waiting to see or hear from your Speech Therapist.


We provide coaching and resources to turn playing and interacting with your child into fun speech practice games that fit in with your normal daily routine. We use easy-to-use and secure apps to chat, video call and share videos all online to ensure constant communication and monitoring of progress. 

Your Trust Is Important To Us

Registered Canadian Speech Therapists

All of our Speech Therapists are located in Canada and registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) or the Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (ASCLPA).

Covered by Many Extended Health Insurance Plans

Private Speech Therapy Services are covered by many employers’ benefit plans and extended health insurance coverage, similar to massage therapy or physiotherapy.

30-Day Trial Period

For peace of mind. If you determine that our Online Speech Therapy is not the appropriate service delivery model for you and your child, you may request a full refund. No questions asked. 

Let’s Get Started or Start with a Free Screening

If you already know your child has a speech or language issue, we can get started right away. There’s no wait list here! If you’re not sure if there’s something wrong, we can start with a Free Screening. Either way, fill out the form below or give us a call anytime at (613) 707-9211

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