Is your child repeating the same words or syllables? Do they pause or stammer when speaking?

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Help Your Child Speak More Clearly and Build Confidence

Stuttering may occur for toddlers from 18 months to 5 years of age. While it is associated with certain literacy development processes, excessive stuttering is a cause for concern.

Speech therapy can help with reducing tendencies for stuttering. Supporting them along the way will help them improve their fluency and speak with more confidence.

How Can My Child Stop Stuttering?

Stuttering is characterized by stuck letters and speech sounds, repeating syllables and long mid-sentence pauses. It is a struggle for children to express themselves while stuttering, but there are some ways to help them. A child may outgrow stuttering if they are supported by:


letting them take their time when speaking/responding to a question


slowing down conversations with them to give time to process information


providing them full attention and showing that you’re focused and listening


encouraging them to speak and build confidence

Most children outgrow stuttering by the age of 5, but if your child’s stuttering is persistent, it’s best to seek help as early as possible. You can start today by getting in touch with our speech-language pathologists.


How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

Our pediatric speech therapists will aid you in supporting the development of your child’s social skills and language skills so they can be part of everyday situations in their life. You are a crucial part of a more holistic approach to speech therapy.
Apheleia Speech Therapy
Your child’s personalized treatment plan will help with identifying their stuttering tendencies. An assigned speech therapist will help you help your child avoid these tendencies and speak more naturally.
Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching
We want to help you help them at the comfort of your home. Your speech therapist will teach you the best techniques speech-language pathology can offer so you can communicate better with your child at home.
Lauren Templeton - Apheleia Speech Therapy
Lauren Templeton

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist

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