Stuttering and Stammering

Do you find it difficult to start words or sentences? Do you stammer in mid-sentence?

Overcome troubles in speech fluency and talk with confidence through speech therapy.

Speak Without Holding Back

Stuttering introduces issues in someone’s flow of speech commonly during their childhood. Children with developmental stuttering may often get over it early in their years. But in some cases, stuttering may reoccur when they become adults.

In other cases, external factors such as traumatic brain injuries may cause stuttering. Even physical tension, anxiety and emotional trauma can cause momentary stuttering.

Whatever the cause may be, it’s not too late to achieve fluent speech as an adult. If you would like to…

stop frustration when communicating with others
reduce physical symptoms like twitching lips and tension on the face
speak without hesitating about what to say
overcome the need to rephrase sentences
be more confident in social situations
…speech therapy can help. Getting in touch with a speech pathologist is the first step to better communication, overall quality of life and achieving your personal goals.
Stuttering Stammering service


Stuttering may happen to everyone and for most people, it’s a natural part of speaking as we organize our thoughts. There are countless of times when we say “uhm” when unsure of what to say next or repeat the start of sentences when we are interrupted when speaking.

A person’s stutter becomes problematic when it frequently affects the way they communicate. People with this speech disorder experience different types of disfluencies. These are often involuntary and hard to control.

Aside from these, stuttering can lead to avoidance of conversations. You may develop negative outlook to speaking with others. This can be a huge hurdle for adults that often need to communicate in their personal and professional lives.

Speaking with a speech pathologist is essential to bringing more comfort in communication for those who stutter.

Stuttering Stammering service

Is stuttering treatable/curable for adults?

If developmental stuttering was not addressed fully as a child, it can still be treated in adulthood. However if the stuttering has been going on for a long time, it may also take long to treat and achieve fluent speech.

While there’s no absolute cure for stuttering, treatment for adults (such as speech therapy) are still available. Speech-language pathologists can still help even for adults that have communication disorders.

Quick Tips for Stuttering

Quick Tips for Stuttering

There are some simple ways to address stuttering and aim towards fluent speech.

1.  Practicing with others – Talking with a friend or family member that you feel safe with is an excellent way to get started.

2.  Slowing down – Rushing your speech to catch up with your thoughts may trigger stammers more. Speak slowly and carefully to be mindful of your speech.

3.  Recording yourself – having a record of your own voice may help you identify trigger words and speech patterns that cause stuttering.

Your speech pathologist can help you with these techniques. They can also provide more personalized recommendations depending on your particular challenges.

Quick Tips for Stuttering

How does speech therapy help with stuttering?

Stuttering affects one’s overall communication skills. Speech therapy can be an effective way to overcome those challenges and achieve fluent speech. It can help reduce the severity of stuttering as well as frequency.

Speech pathologists can also by helping you address the social effects of stuttering. This treatment approach can encourage the individual to take part more in conversations.

Speech therapists can also help with identifying secondary behaviors. These include social avoidance or reconstructing of sentences to avoid stutter.


How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

Online speech-language therapy will help you practice consistently even from the comfort of your home. With our flexible scheduling, so you practice towards fluent speech after work and see the results in your professional and personal life.
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Stuttering Speech Therapy for Adults
Our speech pathologists will assist you with personal recommendations to improve your fluency. They will also address the social effects of stuttering improve your confidence in speaking with others.
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