Is your child mixing different sounds when they speak? Are they pronouncing words incorrectly?

Let’s talk about how we can work together to improve your child’s articulation skills.

Articulation Pronunciation and Talking

Help Your Child Speak
Clearly and Confidently

As your child starts learning to speak, they may use certain speech sounds that are not correct for the word they are saying. While this is usually part of speech development, some find it more difficult than others to overcome them.

Some children also develop speech sound or articulation disorders. Speech therapy focused on articulation helps your child learn proper pronunciation through a gradual progression from letters to sentences to conversations.

Is Proper Pronunciation Important?

Articulation can help your child communicate more clearly and accurately. Proper pronunciation will reduce the need to repeat themselves and will help motivate them to speak with others.

Early intervention for speech sound and articulation disorders once they are observed is essential. You may recognize the articulation challenges when your child shows these signs:


has trouble connecting more than one or two sounds


often only uses or prefers vowel sounds/open-mouthed sounds


has unclear sounds compared to their peers


produces a lisp at the age of 3 and a half or 4

Helping with pronunciation is a personalized program and our speech-language pathologists will assist in helping your child with their particular challenges. You may also book a consultation to discuss more on your child’s specific needs.


How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

Our pediatric speech therapists will aid you in supporting the development of your child’s pronunciation and articulation skills so they can be part of everyday situations in their life. You are a crucial part of a more holistic approach to speech therapy.
Apheleia Speech Therapy
Articulation Speech Therapy
Your speech-language pathologist will help through gradual progression with speech sounds, as well as assist with particularly difficult sounds for your child. They will also provide the best practice exercises you can do with them at home.
Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching
Your speech therapist will teach you the best techniques and pronunciation exercises so your child can learn outside of sessions and integrate proper articulation at home.
Lauren Templeton - Apheleia Speech Therapy
Lauren Templeton

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist

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