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A child with dyslexia may have a hard time with their language learning and speech development. They experience reading and writing in a different and challenging way. As a result, they may grow frustrated those activities, which are crucial for daily life.

Without proper and early guidance and treatment, a child may carry dyslexia into adulthood. Early intervention is important to make sure your child learns at the best pace and gets the fundamental skills they need to connect well with others.

What Does My Child See or Feel with Dyslexia?

Children with dyslexia may see words and letters a little differently. Because of this they may become discouraged with reading and writing. They may experience some or all of the following common signs that bring the most frustration to them:


They see letters and text like they are jumping around on the page.


They might not be able to tell the difference between letters that look very similar in shape (ex. e and c) or orientation (ex. b and p).


They may mix up letters in words when writing or switch them around when speaking, even if the word is familiar to them already.


They may see letters as normal but are not able to or takes them long to produce the sound based on the letters they read.


They might not recognize words and need to relearn them, even if they have encountered them many times before.


They may need to read the same thing again as they did not make sense of what they are reading the first time around.

Despite how it looks, dyslexia is not an eye or visual issue. Instead, the problem lies with how their brain processes language. There are many types of dyslexia, so to learn more about your child’s individual experience, reach out to us today a our free consultation with our speech-language pathologists.

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How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

Our pediatric speech therapists will aid you in supporting the development of your child’s social skills and language skills so they can be part of everyday situations in their life. You are a crucial part of a more holistic approach to speech therapy.

Apheleia Speech-Language Therapy for Dyslexia

Speech-Language Therapy for Dyslexia

Our speech therapy at home extends to supporting literacy disorders such as dyslexia. We’ll help your child overcome their challenges and communicate more confidently with loved ones.

Parent Coaching for Dyslexia at Home

We can help you help your child’s challenges with dyslexia at home. We’ll work with you and your child in including activities that help grow their reading and writing skills.

Lauren Templeton - Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist at Apheleia Speech Therapy

Lauren Templeton

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist

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