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Pragmatics Social Communication

Help Your Child Build Relationships that Last

Social communication is crucial to a child’s relationship with family, friends, and peers. A child with problems in social pragmatics may have a hard time staying connected with friends or making new ones.

Problems with social communication may affect their social well-being from the classroom to the workplace when they grow up. Speech and language therapy focused at social communication and pragmatics will help them get started on creating bonds and relationships in life.

What is Social (Pragmatics) Communication Disorder?

Social pragmatic communication disorder, or SPCD affects both verbal and nonverbal challenges in social situations and environments. Children with SPCD may struggle with fundamental conversational skills including:


difficulty with understanding social and unspoken context


speaking out of turn or not knowing when to talk appropriately in a group


struggling to pick up non-verbal language or cues


not catching and getting non-literal language forms (idioms, expressions, or metaphors)

It may also be associated with other disorders such as autism and ADHD. Issues with social pragmatics is best addressed early, and you can get started as early as today by talking to our speech-language pathologists.

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How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

Our pediatric speech therapists will aid you in supporting the development of your child’s social skills and language skills so they can be part of everyday situations in their life. You are a crucial part of a more holistic approach to speech therapy.
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Pragmatics and Social Communication
Your child’s personalized treatment plan will help with acquiring the social skills to build friendships and relationships. An assigned speech therapist from our team will help you improve social communication with your child at home.
Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching
We want to help you help them anywhere and everywhere. Your speech therapist will teach you the best techniques speech-language pathology can offer so you can help them learn to interact with others
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