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Are you preparing for a job interview?

Do you want to improve your communication skills and help grow your career further?

With speech therapy, you can be a more confident, relaxed, and engaging speaker!

Your Best Message with Your Best Voice

Speaking out to the world is not easy. Many people experience sweaty palms, some form of stuttering, voice cracking, or and to some, it can even lead to a full panic attack.

How well you express yourself and get across your ideas are very crucial skills in the professional space.

If you’d like to…

avoid nervous symptoms (sweating, stammering) when speaking

be confident when presenting to large groups of people

write clear and concise emails and correspondences

say what you mean in a clearer, more professional way

… a speech therapist can help bring out your best voice to take a big step forward in your career.
Public Speaking

Public Speaking

If you’re not confident about speaking in front of large groups of people, you are not alone. Public speaking is one of the most common fears among people.

Even the most confident conversationalist can crack at the sight of an audience, large or small. This anxiety can lead to stuttering, increased perspiration, nausea, stiffening of muscles, or full-on panic.

Your speech therapist can also be your public speaking coach. They can help…

identify anxiety issues and give tips to relax before big presentations

provide best practices for voice training

enhance your natural non-verbal cues (eye-contact and gestures

train you to speak in a proper pace and flow

Practicing the strategies your speech therapist provides will help you overcome your stumbling blocks in public speaking.
Public Speaking
Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

One-on-one job interviews can be daunting, especially if you are not used to getting probed and questioned.

Whatever kind of work you’re preparing for, your speech therapist can help you improve your interview skills. They can help you:

prepare and rehearse for common interview questions

review self recordings and provide feedback

present yourself more confidently in the interview room

Coaching can help you stand out from many other applicants. With consistent interview practice you can do at home and anywhere, you will increase your chances of success for landing that dream job.

How are people coached to speak?

Speech-language pathologists as communication coaches usually start by listening to you talk and assessing your needs. Depending on the assessment, coaching sessions may vary.

They may include strategies for articulation, vocal quality, pitch, and intonation. Body language and non-verbal cues are also important components to presenting yourself well at work.

Communications coaching aims for you to be confident and enjoy communicating with others. But communication is not only verbal. Professional writing skills, such as in emails, are also key to success in the workplace.

Professional Writing

Professional Writing

If you find yourself second-guessing your email and writing drafts often, training on professional writing can help.

Email correspondence and technical writing are an importance part of the workplace. Even before you are hired, your first emails make an impact during the interview process.

Gaining confidence in writing your content and professional sentence construction plays an important role in your ability to communicate at work.

Speech-language pathologists can help you in developing skills to:

write emails that are easier to understand

present yourself professionally in written correspondences

create professional reports, proposals and presentations

Using best practices when you’re writing professionally can help you feel more confident hitting that send button and passing on other written correspondences to colleagues.
Professional Writing


How Apheleia Speech Therapy Can Help

With the right strategies and proper coaching from our licensed speech-language pathologists, you can overcome speech anxiety and be a more confident speaker.
Apheleia Speech Therapy
Public Speaking Coaching
Take your public speaking and presentation skills a notch higher with the help of our speech therapists.
Interview Coaching
Gain the confidence to nail difficult interview questions with individual coaching form our speech-language pathologists.
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