Words with CH Sound: Examples for Speech Practice

Effective communication skills are essential for children to develop early in life, and clear pronunciation is a crucial part of that. One of the sounds that many people, especially kids, struggle to master in the English language is the “CH” sound.

In this blog, we will explore...

  • some common words with the CH sound,
  • how to teach your kids the CH pronunciation, and
  • some practical tips to help them learn quicker.
Learning how to say this tricky sound correctly is an important part of becoming a confident and articulate speaker. Let’s dive in.
Words with CH Sound_ Examples for Speech Practice

What is the CH Sound?

The CH sound is a consonant sound found in the English language. To make the sound, put your tongue against the roof of your mouth and release air, making a “ch” or “tch” noise.

Sometimes, people mistake the CH sound for other sounds like SH and TH. To make the correct CH sound, your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth lightly, and you should let out a small amount of air. This will make a clear and distinct “ch” noise.

Practicing the CH sound is an important part of building one’s English language skills. Not only does it make your speech smoother and more natural, but it also ensures that your message is communicated clearly and with confidence.

Common Words with CH sound

Here are some common words with the CH sound that kids can practice at home:

At the beginning: In the middle: At the end:
Cheese Teacher Much
Chair Archer Lunch
Chop Kitchen Beach
Child Marching Rich
Challenge Peachy
The number of letters in a word can also affect the learning of their pronunciation. Longer words with more syllables may be more challenging to pronounce correctly since they require more complex mouth movements and coordination. However, longer words can also provide more opportunities for practice and repetition, which can help reinforce the correct pronunciation over time. Shorter words may be easier to pronounce initially, but they may not provide as much opportunity for practice and repetition.

Here are some common words with the CH sound listed by their number of letters:

3-letter words: 4-letter words: 5-letter words: 6-letter words: 8-letter words:
Chi Chin Teach Charge Research
Ich Chip Watch Church Approach
Chat Touch Starch Matching
It’s essential to practice saying words with the CH sound at different lengths to develop a complete understanding of how to form the sound accurately.
Learning the CH Sound

Learning the CH Sound

Teaching kids the proper way to form the CH sound can help them improve their speech skills. Here are some tips to help kids form the CH sound accurately:

1. Ask them to place the tip of their tongue behind their top front teeth.
2. Have them curl the sides of their tongue up toward the roof of their mouth.
3, Make sure that they are exhaling the air out of their mouth and not their nose.
4. Encourage them to practice saying words with the CH sound slowly and deliberately.

While it may feel strange at first, reassure them that with practice, they will be able to achieve the correct pronunciation easily.

Practical Tips

Here are some additional practical tips to help your kid learn the CH sound fast:

  • Start by introducing the sound using simple words such as “chat” or “chip”.
  • Have your child repeat the word back to you and pay attention to their tongue placement.
  • If they are struggling, place your finger on their chin and have them move their tongue up towards their top teeth. This will help them understand where their tongue should be positioned when making the CH sound.
  • Provide positive reinforcement and praise your child for any progress made. This will help build self-confidence in speaking English and motivate them to keep practicing.
  • Repeat words with the CH sound often in conversation and during playtime activities such as reading storybooks together or playing word games like charades. Doing this will help your child recognize how often this sound is used in everyday language.
  • Teach them common expressions and phrases that use this sound for better recall. Here are some of the most popular phrases and expressions with the CH sound:
    • “Chop chop” – this expression means to hurry up or get something done quickly
    • “Checkmate” – this term is used in chess when one player has no more moves left and has been defeated by the other
    • “Cheers” – a friendly way of saying goodbye or thank you

Finally, remember that learning anything new takes time so be patient with your child and provide lots of encouragement along the way.

The CH sound may seem tricky to pronounce at first, but with practice, it will become second nature. It is an important step for your child towards mastering the English language and improving their communication skills.

If your kid struggles with speech, apply for a consultation with one of our Speech-Language Pathologists so that we can help you with your kid’s speech and communication goals.

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