Reconnect with your loved ones after a Stroke.

Apheleia Speech helps you learn strategies to effectively communicate with your loved one with Aphasia.

Our team and online program is open to serve residents anywhere in Alberta and Ontario.

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After your loved one had a Stroke, do you notice…

You have difficulty understanding what your loved one is saying?

You have difficulty understanding what your loved one is saying?

While aphasia may affect the way people speak and understand, it does not impact their intelligence. Your loved one may know more than they are able to say, but have difficulty communicating what they mean.

Does your loved one appear to have the words on “the tip of their tongue”?

Does your loved one appear to have the words on “the tip of their tongue”?

They may be having a hard time finding the words to use or may be using sounds or words that aren’t quite right.

Does your loved one feel isolated from conversations?

Does your loved one feel isolated from conversations?

They may feel that they can’t converse with people the way they used to or that conversations are happening around them without their involvement. This may make them feel frustrated or ignored.

Aphasia can create barriers between your loved one and they way they would naturally communicate.

Apheleia Speech’s Aphasia Program gives back the gift of communication with your loved one. The aim is to help your loved one better participate in conversations and to help you better be able to support them in doing so.

How We Solve It

Apheleia Speech’s Aphasia Program gives back the gift of communication with your loved one. The aim is to help you communicate more easily with your loved one.

The program includes “seeing” your therapist 3x per week — once live and twice via uploaded videos. Our virtual visits ensure that your therapy is conducted with flexibility and in the comfort of your own home.

Like everything we do, we also keep our pricing simple. No long-term contracts. No surprise fees or extras. Cancel any time.

How It Works

30-minute Live Video Call

30-minute Live Video Call

Every week, you and your loved one will meet with our therapist face-to-face via Zoom. This time will be used for whatever is necessary to continue making progress on your goals.

Exercises and Materials

Exercises and Materials

We provide exercises and working materials that can help you practice your aphasia therapy consistently with your loved ones everyday at home.

2x Video Reviews Weekly

2x Video Reviews Weekly

Twice per week you will record a short video of your communication practice together and submit it to us. We’ll review it and provide any necessary feedback right away to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

Unlimited Messaging

Unlimited Messaging

Send your Speech Therapist a chat message any day, any time, and from anywhere. If you have questions, we want to make sure they get answered as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Apheleia

Personalized Treatment


You’ll receive tailored treatment based our an initial assessment, aligned with your loved one’s personal needs and goals.

More Affordable Aphasia Treatment

More Affordable

At $125, your Speech Therapist “sees” you three times each week. Compare that to around $100 for just a single session with a traditional speech therapist.

Super Convenient Aphasia Therapy

Super Convenient

Access your therapy wherever you have a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. Our flexible scheduling also includes evenings and weekends. There’s no need to drive to appointments or wait in the clinic for sessions.

Simple Aphasia Treatment


Everything we do has YOU and your loved one in mind. We’ve made speech therapy easier from start to finish, with easy-to-use apps, exercises and practice materials, and even to our fast online billing and payment system.

Andrea Simioni - Aphasia Therapy with Apheleia Speech

Andrea Simioni

About Andrea 

Andrea graduated with a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Psychology, and furthered her studies with a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology, both from the University of Alberta.

She is well-equipped with knowledge in the fields of stroke rehabilitation, aphasia, and acquired apraxia of speech. Her specializations extend to communication strategy training for families and support personnel, as well as mentorship for students and volunteers.

In her free time, she loves to read, solve crosswords, listen to podcasts and watch comedy and reality TV shows. She also travels when she has an opportunity, and maintains an active lifestyle with exercise.


About Apheleia Speech

Apheleia Speech provides accessible and flexible speech therapy to help people communicate better with their loved ones.

To support their progress towards better communication, we teach families the tips, techniques and methods to perform proper speech therapy practices at home.


Aphasia Therapy with Apheleia Speech

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